How to Save Money on Bathroom Remodel

As reasonable contractors, we also help save money on your bathroom renovations. The most frequent home remodeling projects nowadays are bathroom or kitchen renovations because they work on smaller spaces. However, bathroom remodeling costs can mount if you consider particular items that might affect the overall costs. For instance, labor costs comprise a substantial proportion of your bathroom remodeling costs. Saving on specific items will help you achieve a bath remodel project that will be quicker and less labor-intensive yet can achieve the look and feel you want. If you wish to save for your master bathroom, powder room, or guest bathroom renovation project, here are tips to ensure that you can shave several thousand dollars:

Don’t Touch The Bathroom Size and Bathroom Layout

Resizing your entire bathroom entails rearranging your plumbing fixtures, knocking down walls, and moving your plumbing pipes, all of which, as mentioned, can substantially affect labor and material costs. Another point to consider when expanding your bathroom size is your concrete floor. Since you will do retiling on places that weren’t part of the bathroom, this will add to bathroom remodeling costs.

Keep The Load-Bearing Walls In-Place

Knocking down walls are structural changes that may need more things to consider. Please note that these act as columns that keep your house up. Exterior walls are usually load-bearing walls. If you need to alter, or knock down a wall, consider the non-load-bearing walls instead. If you are considering knocking down any wall, you will need the help of a licensed general contractor with experience in whole room and whole house renovations to ensure they consider all factors.

Consider Refinishing Bathroom Fixtures If Possible

Bathroom fixtures are built to lust. Shower and tub surrounds and bases are expensive to replace. Replacing these will also require some degree of demolition work, not to mention the installation costs for new ones. If your fixtures are functional, rust-free, and can last for decades, consider refinishing these instead.

Save The Drywall If Possible

Any bathroom renovation project that requires knocking down walls or working with fixtures may see walls opened up. Once they are closed up, that will entail additional drywall and painting. Moreover, specific drywall segments may need replacement because of the effects of mold and humidity. However, if any section of drywall is functional, save them.

Install Standard-Type Toilets

You might be tempted to consider luxurious toilets with a heated toilet seat, high-tech sensors, and other features you don’t necessarily need. Standard-type toilets available in your local home improvement store, on the other hand, not only cost less but are easier to maintain down the road. As a side note, if you prefer “tankless toilets,” prepare to knock down drywalls once you need to fix these. Purchasing specialized toilets are not cost-effective. Only do so if you have people living at home with you that may need their unique features.

Select Prefabricated Shower or Bathtub

Prefabricated shower stalls, such as a walk-in shower, may cost much more upfront in materials in home improvement stores or big box stores. The difference in resulting costs is because of the labor costs. Considering the time it takes to tile up your shower instead of purchasing a prefabricated shower stall, you will be looking at a difference of days worth of labor costs.

Don’t Touch Your Bathroom’s Electrical Wiring

Some houses with antiquated electrical wiring require wiring upgrades. When applying for local building permits, one of the requirements is if the wiring satisfies the current building codes. If your wiring satisfies these requirements while they fit your needs, keeping your electrical wiring in place can save money further.

Shop Accent Pieces From Thrift and Antique Stores

Another tip on how to save money on bathroom remodel is to purchase accent pieces from thrift shops and antique stores. Rather than use brand-new pieces to provide a focal point in your bathroom, you can achieve the look you see from a remodeling magazine by using older vintage furniture to compliment your washbowl or to create a unique vanity top.


Homeowners spend substantial amounts of money on their bathroom remodeling each year. We know that a remodeling job can be expensive if you don’t consider the following tips when you strive to achieve the bathroom concept you want. Being mindful of possible structural changes and the time making particular alterations can help save money on your bathroom renovation while leaving your bathroom in good shape for years to come.

Whether for a master bath remodel or to create a new bathroom or a powder room, you can rely on Shepherd Contracting LLC to provide a cost-effective solution for you. We also offer services such as whole-house remodeling and kitchen remodeling. We can also answer more questions, such as how to save on your home remodeling costs and questions to ask a contractor for kitchen remodel. We ensure you can get the most value for homeowners who trust our services.

To know more about our services, and to ask for a free quote, call us at (480) 886-5006. As Phoenix’s #1 bathroom and kitchen home remodeling general contractors servicing the entire Phoenix Metropolitan area, we can quickly deliver excellent and cost-efficient results.



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