Questions To Ask a Contractor for Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen renovation project can be an expensive undertaking. If you plunge in with a kitchen remodeling contractor headlong without accounting for crucial questions to ask, you might end up spending more money than you should. Once you are confident with your kitchen remodeling contractor, you can perhaps spare enough cash, and time, to achieve the dream kitchen you always wanted. These questions are also applicable to general contractors, as well as bathroom remodeling contractors. As a project manager with decades of design and construction experience, we prepare a set of questions to ask your contractor to ensure that you will have a headache-free project.

First, Vetting Potential Contractors for Your Kitchen Remodel Project

For starters, you can select from a set of kitchen contractor companies serving your local area. It is best to select from a few potential contractors so you can compare notes to weigh one against the other. It is also helpful to check their website for examples of the contractor’s work, especially for particulars like a kitchen makeover. Local references are also beneficial.

Once you set your first meeting, this will be the chance to ask your contractor these questions:

Are You Insured and Licensed?

A kitchen contractor with a license covers a lot of bases. Not only are you assured of their expertise, but they are also compelled to follow all existing local laws and sound business practices to maintain their good standing in the community. Moreover, being insured means, they can protect you from issues that may violate worker’s compensation laws. If, for some reason, workers get injured on the job site, you shouldn’t have to worry about paying for their medical bills.

Who Will You Be Talking To During the Duration of the Entire Project?

Your kitchen contractor may work with subcontractors, an interior designer, cabinet installers, and other specialized personnel. For everything related to your project, you need to ask about the project manager to whom you will communicate about the entire process.

How Many Subcontractors are Involved?

Not all contractors are one-stop companies or operate as general contractors. Independent professionals do many contractors, such as interior designers, cabinet remodelers, tile layers, plumbers, and more. As mentioned earlier, all personnel should be covered by disability and liability insurance. Moreover, the project manager should be accountable for their work.

Ask for An Itemized Bill of Quotation

Spare yourself from any surprises before signing a fixed-price contract. This contract should contain all elements, such as:

a. Clean-up costs (like hauling demolition trash)

b. Appliances

c. Plumbing work

d. Design fees

e. Framing and finishing

f. Tiling and floor covering

g. Drywall and painting

h. Lighting fixtures

i. Electrical Work

Your kitchen contractor should group items involved in your kitchen renovation project. For instance, appropriate itemized items should be included under the sub-heading for construction costs.

How Does the Payment Structure Work?

Aside from the total itemized expenses, it is also worth asking for the necessary payment schedule so you can plan accordingly. Ask about financing options because a kitchen remodeling project may cost up to $50,000.

Ask for the Construction Schedule of your Remodeling Project

Labor costs will take up a substantial proportion of your expenses for small or large kitchen remodels. That is why asking for a timeline covering the entire renovation process is essential.

Before Signing: Ask for a Written Warranty

The right contractor for the job should provide a warranty that protects you from shoddy work. Your kitchen remodeling contractor should maintain high industry standards. The warranty should also cover the possible structural issues due to their work and other unforeseen problems.

Takeaways: For A Stress-Free Kitchen Remodel Project in Phoenix, Call Shepherd Contracting LLC

With decades of combined experience serving Phoenix residents as general contractors, kitchen remodeling contractors, and bathroom renovation contractors, we know how to provide the best services. We tick all the boxes and can answer all the questions to ask about how we can deliver for you quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Aside from kitchen remodels, we also offer other services, such as bathroom remodeling, especially if you want the latest bathroom concept that fits today’s trend. Moreover, we also help our clients find ways how to save money on bathroom remodel or kitchen renovation.

To know more about our services, ask for a free quote, and ask the questions discussed in this article, call us at (480) 886-5006. You can also send a request for a quote by filling out the form on our home page.



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