8 Top Bathroom Concept Ideas for 2022

Like fashion, house interior design concepts also change over time. Soon, you will get tired of your old design. Whether for the master bath or your guest bathroom, you will be looking for bright bathroom design ideas that will be in touch with the times. Bathroom renovation work can be costly. Your interior designer can present you with novel ideas involving several floor tile options, glass doors, bathroom decor, wall tiles, and other choices that will excite us. That is why converting or renovating into a modern bathroom will always be a great idea, especially if you intend to raise the value of your home one day.

Rain Shower Head Is Still Popular in 2022

This centuries-old concept is still rising in popularity to this day. The sensation of enjoying something close to natural rainfall appeals to many people. Moreover, this type of showerhead also undergoes a constant process of perfection, with newer and more efficient models coming out each year. Taking an honorable mention is installing twin shower heads. As many couples opt to take showers together, it has recently become a fixture in modern bathrooms. Installing these in black provides a modern feel to a bathroom, with the shower heads standing out while making your bathroom look more prominent.

The Wet Room Concept

As modern homes take on the open-design concept, so do bathrooms. A wet room is a bathroom where the bathtub does not separate from the rest of the room by a glass door. With the entire floor at an even height, the entire bathroom can have clean lines while also making it easy to clean. This concept also does away with a walk-in shower. This design concept appeals to homeowners who choose minimalistic design concepts.

The wet room concept doesn’t need to be bare. The wet-room concept never lacks character with geometric tiles, two-tone earth colors, and a simple storage unit or black shower heads providing a focal point.

Going Retro with a Freestanding Tub

Add a touch of nostalgia to your bathroom by adopting a freestanding tub. Modern freestanding tub designs can conserve your floor tiles and provide an intricate accent that gives a distinct character to your bathroom. Perfect for a master bathroom or any spacious bathroom with an uncluttered design.

Organic and Biophilic Design Ideas

Give life to bare wall space by bringing in potted plants. Many interior designers suggest bringing in plants that love humidity, such as maidenhair ferns, spider plants, or heartleaf philodendrons. Aside from providing your bathroom with a natural look, they also purify the air in them. Another way to introduce this concept is by using biophilic natural wallpaper designs.

Use Natural Light

Bringing plenty of natural light is a rising trend in 2022. By using more oversized windows complimented by large mirrors, natural light makes your bathroom look larger while also saving power.

Bold Wallpaper Patterns for A Feature Wall

Whether for a small bathroom or a master bathroom in a large house, adopting one of the walls as a feature wall can add character to a bathroom with the adjacent wall being bare. Combined with novel designer-created ideas such as accent furniture, you can add a touch of class while making your bathroom a sanctuary. Design options can be floral wallpaper or art-deco patterns.

Add Class To a Small Space By Using Vintage Furniture

As pedestal sinks continuously become popular, so do double sinks in lounge-like bathrooms, which are also rising in popularity as more people work from home. Vintage furniture is an excellent way of creating a custom vanity idea distinct to your bathroom. For a narrow bathroom, using vintage furniture is one of the most engaging design concepts that add complexity to limited space, even for a powder room.

Matte Black Accents

Matte black accents, such as for window frames, shower heads, faucets, and bathroom fixtures, can bring a distinct character to any bathroom with predominantly bright-color tiles. These can also work well even with Carrara marble or white walls.

Takeaways: Let Your Bathroom Be Your Sanctuary

Whether for your primary bathroom or a guest bath, we can make your bathroom a sanctuary in your home. With decades of combined experience in bathroom renovation and general construction, we know how to create the perfect bathroom that can bring you a level of comfort that you can cherish for years while being in touch with today’s modern bathroom concepts. To know more about how we can remodel your bathroom, call us at (480) 886-5006. You may also ask us questions, such as how to save money on bathroom remodel, or prepare questions to ask a contractor for kitchen remodel, among others through email at info@shepherdcontracting.com. We offer bathroom remodeling and whole-house renovation among our services. Contact us for a free consultation and design with our expert and skilled designers by visiting this page: Contact Us.



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